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Welcome to our new website, with the purpose of improving and offering a better service to our clients, AUTORTUÑO is updated to offer a new, more intuitive and usable navigation. On the other hand, we want to thank all the visitors, without their support it would not have been possible for AUTORTUÑO to present itself as one of the most prestigious stores in the used car sector.

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AUTORTUÑO was born more than 30 years ago, in April 1989, by Jaume Ortuño, with more than 20 years of experience behind him. It was born as a family business with the enthusiasm and dedication to the vehicle buying and selling sector. Autortuño is a company dedicated to the automobile sector and already has two generations and 50 years of history. It is dedicated to managing the purchase and sale of vehicles. It has tried to always be up to date, anticipate changes as much as possible and adapt to new times and challenges, since buying and selling has been changing but the current consumer is also different from that of a few years ago. We try to understand these changes and be able to provide a solution and response to the consumer of the present and the future. It was born with the aim of providing highly personalized and exquisite customer service, and with a rigor in all fields that makes clients want to return after years and some of them even become friends. We try to make the experience always positive.


In 1967, Jaume Ortuño began in the sector and in the world of Automobiles with the idea already in place of what he would specialize in in the future. In the 90's, Autortuño was born, a company specialized in a vehicle: the GOLF, a mythical and versatile model and we put all our efforts and resources into locating the best Golfs and in all their versions. Nobody had done it before! It was an unprecedented and risky bet to specialize in a single vehicle model. For 15 years, Autortuño was a reference in the sale of this vehicle in all its versions, generations and engines. Many people looking for a Golf passed by our facilities, we even created some GTI stickers with our logo inside that people who had a GOLF came looking for even if we had not sold it. This stage was present, today they still remember us as the Golf Specialist, and in fact we have never stopped selling this model. Funny anecdote from that stage: on different occasions they asked us for Golfs for different advertisements, one time we left a classic Golf Cabrio to record a film chronicling the life of Gary Lineker, it was the car he had during his time at Barça.

We have faced different changes during these years, always with enthusiasm, dedication and passion for this sector. We have always been clear about our business model, but according to the changes we have been modifying and varying options since we have flexibility, being a multi-brand dealership we are not limited to a single option. In 1999, with the introduction of new technologies, we created our first website, with its own domain. At that time everything was very difficult, finding who would make your website, who would host it, who would design it... today this sounds Chinese since everything is much simpler and we already have it more within reach, but 20 years ago it was a path we didn't know. Furthermore, there were not so many websites in the Sector to follow a model. This door to the Internet opened an online market with many more demands and possibilities and therefore forces us a little to expand the product to more brands and not just Golf. We had to respond to the needs of golfing clients, we like to tell them that way, but even so we have never stopped selling and buying GOLF. In fact, when we are offered a Golf we look at it very favorably.


We take the Future with the hope of seeing that we have time to adapt to many significant changes that are coming to the motor world. The whole issue of fuels and ecology, whether diesel, gasoline, electric or hybrid... The customer model has also changed again, it is a more informed customer with more tools at their disposal, therefore when they come to you You should already have answers to their questions and needs that they have not found on their own.


Yes, Autortuño has been part of the Motor Guild Board for several years, first with Jaume Ortuño and now with Daniel Ortuño. It is important to be there, this means being up to date, contributing and developing ideas that we from the union are outlining and negotiations and meetings are being carried out with the Administration as well as with the different Associations, to improve many aspects of our sector.

Remain faithful to our motto of providing personalized, quality and high-level treatment to our clients. Both when buying and selling. Try to offer after-sales, maintenance and advice services with maximum benefit and discounts towards it. For 30 years we have been buying and selling vehicles, but we also try to offer the buyer a range of advantages. Nowadays a buyer can come to our facilities one morning and in a few hours can leave our facilities with the vehicle heading home. We have developed an agile sales system but also a climate of trust that is highly valued by the client. Today we can offer the client fast financing with very low interest and sign the operation on a tablet at the same moment. Regarding insurance, we also offer a range of possibilities at very competitive prices with top companies. We have developed all of this because we are aware that today time is very precious to everyone and today's client wants quality and agility but also trust and security.
The advertising that accompanies us
Yes, in 2004, we started a series of advertising campaigns in the world of radio, a medium that we had always been excited to be in, a medium that was very close to our client. From then until today, our presence in this medium has been increasing while we have expanded on the internet and TV. Despite the generational change and the adaptation to the times, our motto of the last 30 years continues to be in our DNA. We are gratified to see that after so many years, both in the automobile sector itself and in the general public they recognize us and continue to trust us. At present we begin to receive the children of the first clients as clients and that fills us with satisfaction and we love it.
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